A. Rafferty Paving team sealcoating a residential driveway

With seal coating on your asphalt, your pavement gets added protection from materials and elements that can cause damage to the structural integrity. We can extend the life of your pavement by applying commercial-grade sealer that will leave your pavement with a beautiful, glossy look.

Other Maintenance Services

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If you have an older parking lot, sun, driving, and other factors will cause the striping to fade and disappear over time. Whether you need new stripes on an existing lot or striping done on a brand new lot, we can make sure your parking lot is well-designed with sharp, easy-to-see lines your customers will easily be able to navigate.

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Asphalt Patching

Water, sunlight, gas, oil, and other factors can slowly wear down your pavement and cause serious issues. If you have potholes, depressions, or other defects in your pavement, patching is not a permanent solution, but it is effective and affordable if the underlying asphalt base is still in good condition. We will make sure the surface is properly cleaned and prepared for a successful patching.

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Crack Sealing

If you have a crack in your pavement, the sooner you address it, the better your chances of keeping the crack from getting too large and out of control. We can properly seal cracks to prevent further deterioration to the pavement. Our process includes:

Step 1 - Pressure Clean

A. Rafferty Paving thoroughly cleans all cracks with pressurized air removing all debris. This allows the rubberized joint sealant to adhere properly to the underlying pavement.

Step 2 - Hot-Seal

Once clean, the cracks are sealed using a hot-applied rubberized joint sealant that exceeds federal highway specifications. Proper crack sealing will ensure water will not infiltrate your sub-base, thus preventing future pavement breakdowns and taking the worry out of your pavement maintenance.

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