Commercial asphalt resurfacing equipment

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to brand-new pavement, you should consider resurfacing. If you have a strong foundation and proper site prep available, resurfacing can give you a solid asphalt surface that will last for years at a price that will fit comfortably in your budget. This gives you a great, durable asphalt surface that will look like new. We work diligently to complete the work in as little time as possible, which minimizes the time your asphalt is out of use.

Renew Your Asphalt With Our Expert Resurfacing Services

At A. Rafferty Paving, we take the time to make sure your pavement surface is properly prepared, thoroughly cleaning the areas, applying the binding agent, and even paving a leveling course when necessary to eliminate holes or depressions. You get great looking pavement and save money in the process with our reliable resurfacing services.

Call us and let us know about your asphalt resurfacing needs.

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